Chip with SAAB 93F

Literally born into the car business and to a father with a sports car racing background, William C.W. "Chip" Lamb was urged to follow not in those footsteps but to tackle more pressing issues. Chip's good fortune in having been obstinate saved him from a lifetime of skyscraper window-washing, trash collection or stock and bond trading in Manhattan for a slightly slower pace of life near Richmond, Virginia. While in school in the northeast and southeastern Virginia, Chip successfully started, ran and sold a computer local and wide-area network consultancy and for the past ten years has run the premier parts source for 2-cycle and early 4-stroke SAAB cars. From 2006 until 2010, Chip's West of Sweden SAAB served as the primary restoration consultant and parts vendor to the General Motors Heritage Collection and its subsidiaries in their role as keeper of all Saab USA's 'vintage SAAB' fleet while dealing daily with a client list into the thousands of enthusiasts and repair shops alike. West of Sweden handled the partial liquidation of this fleet during 2010 and continues to consult to Saab Cars, North America concerning the cars retained by them following the sale of the parent company.

Chip's long affiliation with automobile-related activities also extends to many levels of automotive journalism. During the mid-1990s, Chip wrote on and off for a major national publication as well as numerous automobile clubs as a regular feature columnist, with one of these positions continuing to this day. A few short years ago, Publisher (then Editor) Keith Martin of Sports Car Market came looking for an old SAAB part when he and Chip got to talking about the state of collector vehicle magazines. It was not long after that Martin's Associate Editors hired Chip to fill the prestigious role as a regular Auction Analyst and Contributing Writer for both Sports Car Market and Corvette Market magazines. Chip has also enjoyed a role as a yearly contributor to Classic Motorsports on a few small annual events. Additionally, Chip is regularly asked before every issue for any and all contributions to Hagerty's Cars that Matter for his input on selected marques and their recent increase and decrease in value.

Chip's involvement closer to the heart of the collector car auction business took a new step early in 2008 when local auction company principal, Mark Motley, (The Motley's Group) requested Chip's assistance in coordinating a reprise to their runaway success at a collector car auction the previous year. With a tight schedule (under 90 days from initial planning to execution) and with a last-minute technical glitch preventing internet bidding hampering the overall numbers, Chip near singlehandedly brought over 100 collector-quality automobiles to Motley's Richmond Auto Auction location, wrote each car's extensive catalog-quality description and emceed each vehicle prior to the auctioneer opening the bidding. The encouragement and sophistication engendered by Chip during this sale, despite the failure of the internet bidding system, still helped to get a multi-hundred-thousand-dollar result in the face of what might have otherwise been complete and total disaster.

Consulted in 2009 by Robert Lichty of Motorcar Portfolio in Canton, Ohio, Chip aided in the start-up of Classic Motorcar Auctions, LLC later that year. Now with six successful auctions under their belt, Chip continues to help this mid-market collector car sale grow; Classic Motorcar's most recent sale (September, 2011) of the last production Marmon Sixteen Convertible Sedan put this already excellent auction on the map among major collectors. Chip continues to provide other auction houses with catalog descriptions and on-site expertise as well.

An active collector, restorer and genuine car enthusiast in his own right, Chip enjoys buying, selling, driving and working on a diverse and ever-changing personal assortment of collector cars and motorcycles. This is a talent he occasionally lends to others in their pursuit of their dream cars as a buyer's and seller's representative.




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