Chip at work on an auction block

With just a few hundred dollars and the assistance of another knowledgeable party, Chip Lamb started his first venture at 15 repairing computers and configuring local and wide-area networks-first in Connecticut, then in the metropolitan New York City area. After a good bit of success, he sold the growing enterprise to a collegue and relocated to southern Virginia to try something new. Then in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree from the College of William and Mary and after trying to restart a similar computer practice, Chip started a small parts business for older SAABs on a lark. What followed was a wild ride of learning the collector car parts business and restoration techniques while continuing to refine the customer service-oriented model he started in his earlier field.

Chip's success has not been one solely of collector car foresight, niche marketing or good customer relations - though each of these factors and others added up to the result that continues to succeed. In every business Chip has started and run, careful marketing and maintenance of a low overhead model including resisting the temptation to grow too quickly, Chip's own businesses have always maintained sound fiscal health. Chip has also always enjoyed an albeit limited freedom to pursue other goals and aspirations - this being one of many - again in keeping with a model of excellent customer service within a dedicated niche market environment. Today he is well-known and well-respected both in his primary business and outside it - and not just in collector car circles.

Currently, Chip leads an interesting life as a collector car broker and dealer, an instructor under contract to a Fortune 500 company instructing insurance specialists on collector automobiles and generally as a consultant expert in various fine collector fields. Within the last year, he travelled around the USA as a certified Continuing Education Specialist for Chubb insurance, bought and sold over two dozen valuable collector cars and assisted in the start-up planning and goals of a new collector car dealership and restoration facility that is already enjoying success.

Whether you intend to start your own niche market business, expand a current enterprise in another direction or just want the counsel of a true American entrepreneur with your venture, Chip welcomes your inquiry.