Hilton Head Concours

If you're planning an event where car enthusiasts will be in attendance, ask yourself-are you and your organizers knowledgeable about the sorts of cars-and owners-that will be present?

Are you moving your event further up-market-attracting larger sponsors, better-quality cars, perhaps turning what was a day into an entire lifestyle weekend based around cars that count, not just counting cars-and looking for another degree of sophistication to achieve one or more of those ends?

Are you planning a collector car auction based only on the hype from televised events without taking market forces, environment and a particular focus on collector-grade versus everyday cars into account?

Do you own a business that you think can be broadened in the direction of catering to the collector car industry-or are you starting out from the ground -up and need to know if your idea stands a chance?

Do you just want someone who knows collector-quality cars intimately and has observed, critiqued, written about and participated in the sort of events that get noticed? If so . . . read on.

a bit of background,